Sunday, November 22, 2009

Come on Tigers....

After recooping from that unnecessary loss last night it's time to make some things clear. As Mr. Stallworth stated to me yesterday, "Maybe Les Miles is the guy folks said he was when he first got here. Maybe he was only winning because he had Nick Saban's players and some of his strategy." I would have to agree with that. I have to call in to question his play calling and game sense also. Do you really call a spike with 1 second left? Come on Les. Really? But, I must also lay blame on our lame duck QB. At which point do you stop being a lemming and call your own play? If coach calls a bum play and you see something better, then call it but Jefferson has even worse play making ability than Les so you really can't expect too much more from him. Honestly, any play would've been a better call than a spike! Oh well, here's my advice. Les start thinking about trying for the Michigan job again because the tiger faithful aren't going to take this type of behavior. Jordan, please do well in school. You'll need it in the future because the NFL is not looking good for you. Tiger fans, let's just hope for a better season next year, hope that the kinks get ironed out and hope that our passion and fire doesn't get squandered again next year. With all that's going on I'm still proud to be a tiger and there's no place like Baton Rouge Saturday night!! GEAUX TIGERS!
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