Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breach of security

I'm sure some say "it's an honest mistake" or "it was no big deal" but I beg to differ. When did it become ok for the president of the United States to be exposed to security risk? Whether at the white house or on the road. I don't remember too many times in the past when the last two president's were exposed to this many risks. I don't think Bush or Clinton had people sneaking into the white house or showing up to their rallies armed. It just doesn't seem right. Supposedly all of this homeland security is there to protect us from threats, but can it really protect me or you if it leaves the president exposed on numerous occasions? Just something to think about. It just concerns me that these security breaches are becoming more common now and it doesn't seem as though anyone is really making an uproar about it. I just wanted to put something out there to get folks thinking about the times we live in. Just think, you couldn't go to a Bush rally with a negative sign, but they'll let an armed man line an Obama rally stating he has a 2nd amendment right to bear that firearm. Very interesting....think about it.
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