Saturday, December 26, 2009

A happy holiday

I'm on the plane on the way back from the dell (Slidell,Louisiana) and I'm thinking back on how good my Christmas was. We had a small gift exchange, we ate and we enjoyed family. I couldn't have asked for anything more (it would've been nice if my fiancee could've come but she had to work...). I'm thankful for the friends and family I have and the invaluable gifts and blessings they have given to me and the world as a whole. I am truly blessed. This Christmas allowed us all to focus on what we have instead of what we wanted. We were thankful that we had all we needed and everythong else is just lagniappe. I received a t-shirt from my sister and the excitement it brought me you would've thought she just gave me a small fortune. It's times like these that make me truly believe in a divine love. The bond that runs through my family is stronger than anything man could come up with and I am blessed to be able to share that with others and in a few short months there is a beautiful female that I will be able to begin yet another bond with and man am I excited! I have to say this year has been one with ups and downs (we got your back dad), with twist and turns (you'll get the job sis) and loop de loops (friendship first mom) but one that can be looked back on as a year that brought out the best in those around us and allowed us all to some self-evaluation. Thanks 2009 for giving us a year to remember and one to grow from and I look forward to 2010! Let's get it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How google got it right (kind of)

As I sit on this plane heading home for the holidays, I'm listening to a podcast and writing on my blog. Sounds like a productive plane ride to me. I was just thinking about how my g1 can still hold it's own against most phones out there now. Granted, the internal memory is wack, the battery life sucks , and it looks a little frumpy but the functionality is all there. Can I do what a mytouch does? Yes. Do I have the same processor as most other android phones? Yes. When rooted can I do anything your android can do and more? Yes I can and these things allow me to make the statement "google got it right". I know some folks will say what they will but what has kept me from buying another phone thus far has been the simple fact that my phone can still do 'that'. Yes I rooted my phone and some would say that doesn't apply to most consumer phones and I see their point but I look at it from this perspective. Rooted or not, people still use the g1 as the base phone from which to develop and run roms, apps and anything else to push android forward. With that being said I still will put my g1 up against whatever you bring and until the next best thing comes out I'll stick with it.

Dear santa (android wishlist),

Hey big guy! I'm just sitting around thinking about all of the things I'm thankful for and thought to myself that I forgot to write my Christmas list for you. I know it's a little late and the elves are swamped already but here goes. I would like a phone with a 1ghz processor, 5-10 gb of internal memory, a black g1 like keyboard, a 3.7-4in amoled screen, a battery that lasts 3-4 days but is not at all bulky (maybe hydrogen cell or nuclear or some kind of alien technology would work), slimmer than an iphone, 3.5 mm headphone jack, android 3.0 w/cyanogen influences, a camera with flash that would impress the likes of Noah over at phonedog, apps2sd option,root option, voip ability, tmo hsdpa+,and a price tag of $200 or less. That will be all. I hope you can deliver. You haven't let me down yet. Merry Christmas and I'll be sure to leave you some milk and cookies :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm gonna try my hand at it...

A friend of mine is a software developer and now an avid android geek (like myself) and he asked if I'd be interested in helping him make some apps. now to say I'm excited would definitely be an understatement. To say that I'm nervous would also be a complete understatement. I haven't written a line of code since college and I don't want to be the hold up, but he said he'd take the reigns and walk me through it. This could be the start of my part time career, full time hobby and all around good times. I'll definitely keep you posted on how this goes and will soon probably start taking suggestions as to what types of apps, themes, and android goodies you would like to see. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll be able to one day start helping with development for our wonderful android community. That's all for now. Take care!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why i really love android

Last year for Christmas I was given a brand new g1. It was my first smartphone and I wasn't sure the ins and outs of a smartphone so I started researching. I started joining forums and reading blogs and slowly but surely I started to see. Not only was this new, sort of clunky looking phone nothing short of a pocket computer, but it was also a key. It was the key into the world of android and boy what a world it has become.

  I remember early on just browsing the forums trying to see what folks are talking about. They would say "my phone can do this" or "my phone can do that" or "the battery sucks" or "it's gonna be an iphone killa!". All of those things intrigued me but I was still learning about apps and open source and all of the other caveats of this little green robot. I started to look into what google had to offer and realized it could do more than just search and it was all hyper-connected to my phone. I slowly and more confidently started to see the potential this little giant had. So I start posting in forums and asking questions and finding out the little intricacies of my g1 and I was on my way.

  A few months later, completely comfortable with what I have, I start reading about rooting. I say to myself "Self. What's that all about? Who really needs to do that?" The more I read the more it pulls me in and then one night around 11pm with my palms sweating and heart racing my phone gets rooted and another part of the android world opens up to me. Not only is the phone a key to another world, but it is your pass to meet new people and be a part of a wonderful communtiy that is built on building new relationships, pushing the platform forward and helping out a fellow droid. This is what really sold me on android. I think the phones are great, the OS is coming along beautifully, but it's the people that make android what it is today. I would like to say "thanks" to those that have driven the development, started the websites, moderated the forums, answered questions, lent a hand when needed and have helped people see that you don't have to be scared to blaze your own trail. Like field of dreams, if you build it they will come and google built it and we were there for the flocking.

  I truly am impressed with how far android has come in a year and look forward to being a part of it's continued growth and success. Thanks google for everything, thank you to all the people who have helped me out so far and I appreciate the communtiy as a whole. Y'all are great! Have a wonderful holiday season and bring on the nexus one!

The holidays

I guess the holidays do bring most people a sense of peace. As I watch the kids work through their finals (which we had an increase in passing percentage from last year in science), I finally am starting to feel resolved. I don't have this angst anymore that I've been carting around. I don't feel as negative coming into work and I may be seeing a little glimmer of hope for this year. That brings me back to my original point. I think these feelings are mainly stemming from the fact that the holidays are upon us and for me so is a 2 week break. Time for friends, family and a clear mind and conscience. I'm thankful for all of the above mentioned things. I look forward to a relaxing break, a rejuvination of spirit and some much needed time off. I wish everyone "happy holidays!" and may you all be blessed. Take care.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good for the soul

I took Friday off from work due to a heck of a migraine I had on Thursday night, complete with throwing up and all. That day off really showed me that we all need time away from what we do no matter how much we like it. Work is still work. On Friday I actually felt productive for the first time in a while. I went to the dentist, I played a new game I have on ps3, I got a chance to catch up on the latest android news and I got a chance to really just relax my mind and my body. I'm thankful for my day off and look forward to doing it again. I hope that all who read this take a cue from your's truly and take some time for yourself and enjoy the relief and relaxation.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maybe they finally see

I was talking to a couple of my students today and one said "I'm scared of the future." The other one turned and asked why? The first one said "because when everybody Mr. Green's age dies it'll only be us left and I don't think we can run the earth on our own." Wow! That was an epiphany for the ages.

It sort of scares me that this is where the kids are and they're finally seeing that they are in some trying times. Well I guess, like my student said, I'll be dead so it's a problem they have to face on their own. I hope they're ready. For those who have paid attention and learned something I leave you the world. For all the others, I leave you with a wish of good luck. Take care.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well tomorrow I get to meet with a parent. Why you say? As an intervention to help her child learn? Of course not. In reference to a phone call home about her child's lack of progress? No silly! It's because I took his brush away last week. Yep, that's how to get a parent to the school. Take something away. But don't cry for me Argentina, I'm going to bring the failure documentation I have and see if we can actually have a real discussion. Should be interesting. That's all for now. Have a good one folks!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And the day gets better!!

Now that I have a sinus headache I decided to stay in tonight and rent a movie. I was in line at the local blockbuster and two people were in line in front of me. They were making small talk with the cashier and at first I wanted to get annoyed but then I tuned in to what they were talking about. The customers were showing the cashier their g1's and the cashier replied "I have a droid." My heart immediately felt warm. He went on to say how he liked it coming from a windows mobile device and he enjoys the android platform. One of the customers turned and looked at me then looked at her boyfriend and said "We're holding up the line." I replied "I have a G1 also. Please, continue." As in star wars, google is building a droid army. It's nice to see people opening their minds to something other than an iphone. Let's go android!! Have a good night world.

New found love!!! Well, not really new.

For those who know me I love my phone. Well today that love was strengthened. LOL! This is the type of love a dog has for his favorite chew toy. I'm joking I'm joking, but I really do have a new found appreciation for my little pocket pc. Today I was coming home from watching the Crimson tide roll clean over the Florida Gators and I decided to try out google navigation which is included on google maps on my lovely little device (tmobile-g1). I put in the coordinates to my house and then put on some music also playing from my phone and started to drive. I think to myself "Self, not only is this phone navigating me home, but it's also playing some of my favorite tunes" (ding - text message coming in but I can't read it. No texting and driving). This is awesome. This little thing is doing all of this and is not missing a beat. Since when were phones able to do so much at the same time??? I don't know. As I came up to a red light, I picked up my phone and hit the home button and all of my running apps were moved to the notification bar. I pulled down the bar and it told me the next instructions to keep on track. As I ride and Lupe Fiasco is enlightening me the music fades and the phone then tells me to turn at the next light. I'm blown away. I'm just really impressed with my little phone. It's awesome. I'd like to hear from some of my iphone followers. Does your phone give you directions and play music and receive texts all at the same time? I'm just curious. Try it out and let me know how that goes for you. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

On a lighter note - ring, ring, ring

I really enjoy my new hobby of dabbling in the mobile telecom industry. Since I got my phone (tmobile g1) I've basically gone all in. I spend time reading cell phone blogs, modifying my phone and trying to keep up with what's new in the cell phone world. It changes just about daily, but I found that I have come across a really awesome community of bloggers, techies, and like-minded cell phone enthusiast. They're willing to share advice, opinions, and offer help at anytime. I'm thankful for my new found communtiy and I'm happy to be a part of it. Now if I can only get my fiancee to stop saying "I'm going to ungift your phone from you" or "you spent too much time on your phone" I think I'll be ok ;). Take care and find a hobby!

An 8th grade observation

One of my students has written me a series of poems about her observations in class. Interestingly enough it started on career day where she looked around and noticed other students not paying attention while the various speakers were talking and it concerned her. So she wrote a poem about it. She gave me the poem and I read it and it mirrored many of the sentiments I've posted on this blog. That made me think. She then went on to write two more poems about her day to day in class. That too mirrored many things I've either said or thought. That really got me thinking....

If a student is able to express concerns about the other students in class, then there is obviously a problem. I do my best to deal with these students but it's like trying to dig a hole in a pool of water. When you scoop more fills right back in. It's tragic that students like my little poet have to suffer because of a lack of discipline by other students, lack of training from home and the lack of a true system to deal with problem students.

These kids are fine being suspended, don't show up for detention, don't mind failing and have very little respect for themselves or others. What do you do with a student like that? That's the question facing many teachers now. You try to focus on the students trying to learn, but you can only ignore or supress the "other" student for so long before they start to distract and influence others.

I still plan on teaching to the best of my ability and hoping to help students like my poet to reach her full potential. I know she will. Beyond that I'm going to continue to struggle with grading policies and procedures and overall frustrations of the education system, but I plan to try to be as positive as possible through it all. As always, thanks for your time and I'll post the poems on a later day. Take care and feel free to follow or share this with a friend.