Thursday, December 17, 2009

The holidays

I guess the holidays do bring most people a sense of peace. As I watch the kids work through their finals (which we had an increase in passing percentage from last year in science), I finally am starting to feel resolved. I don't have this angst anymore that I've been carting around. I don't feel as negative coming into work and I may be seeing a little glimmer of hope for this year. That brings me back to my original point. I think these feelings are mainly stemming from the fact that the holidays are upon us and for me so is a 2 week break. Time for friends, family and a clear mind and conscience. I'm thankful for all of the above mentioned things. I look forward to a relaxing break, a rejuvination of spirit and some much needed time off. I wish everyone "happy holidays!" and may you all be blessed. Take care.

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