Saturday, December 26, 2009

A happy holiday

I'm on the plane on the way back from the dell (Slidell,Louisiana) and I'm thinking back on how good my Christmas was. We had a small gift exchange, we ate and we enjoyed family. I couldn't have asked for anything more (it would've been nice if my fiancee could've come but she had to work...). I'm thankful for the friends and family I have and the invaluable gifts and blessings they have given to me and the world as a whole. I am truly blessed. This Christmas allowed us all to focus on what we have instead of what we wanted. We were thankful that we had all we needed and everythong else is just lagniappe. I received a t-shirt from my sister and the excitement it brought me you would've thought she just gave me a small fortune. It's times like these that make me truly believe in a divine love. The bond that runs through my family is stronger than anything man could come up with and I am blessed to be able to share that with others and in a few short months there is a beautiful female that I will be able to begin yet another bond with and man am I excited! I have to say this year has been one with ups and downs (we got your back dad), with twist and turns (you'll get the job sis) and loop de loops (friendship first mom) but one that can be looked back on as a year that brought out the best in those around us and allowed us all to some self-evaluation. Thanks 2009 for giving us a year to remember and one to grow from and I look forward to 2010! Let's get it.

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