Sunday, January 15, 2012

The New Inheritance

I was listening to NPR not too long ago and there was a guy on there talking about today's inheritance that today's youth are seeing. He made a very valid statement, "Today's parents are giving their kids their inheritance  while they are all still alive." That makes plenty of sense. He was saying that parents today are more often than not helping their children out far more today than they did in the past. He stated that parents are more likely to help their kids financially today rather than wait until they passed away to leave their kids a large inheritance. The more I look around, the more he seems to be right.

Parents are helping their kids out more. I see them allowing students to move back in after graduation, or upon maybe losing a job. Parents are helping their kids get houses and keep up with bills as more and more people are becoming unemployed and underemployed.

I thought this was a very interesting turn of events as many people seem to wait on their inheritance with bated breath. Now it seems as though more people are quite content being able to see their inheritance come to them as they try to start families or fall on hard times. Either way I think it's commendable that parents are there to help their children even as those kids become adults. I know this isn't in every case out there and there are still a butt load of inheritances still waiting to be had, but for those those that do get a bit now when they need it most, be sure to say thanks to the ones that are there for you in those times. "Thanks!" Take care.
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