Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New Year's Trip

Me and a few friends went to a casino for New Year's eve. It was a nice time. They had a concert and countdown and TVs showing Times Square. Not a bad venue to ring in the new year. I'm not a gambler, so no money was lost or gained, so you don't even have to worry about asking. What I did want to mention was the clientele that I can across while at the casino. I'm not trying to talk about anybody or anything, just stating what I saw.

I was really blown away by the people in the casino with oxygen tubes and assisted walking technology. Now nothing is wrong with that and my grandmother used to love to go to the casino whenever she got a chance, but  the number of elderly and sickly in this place was pretty overwhelming. It got me wondering. Is this just a release? Some place to go to take your mind off of the bills and times outside of this magic time machine? Was the casino a place where you can get that instantaneous rush of adrenaline again and again as the slot wheel goes around? Was the casino a destination that these folks went to with the hopes and dreams of actually hitting it big? The answer to these questions I do not know, but that's what ran through my head at the time. There were plenty of other people in this place also, but the ones that seemed to be in the zone were the ones that looked like they had been through more than enough NYE celebrations in their lifetimes.

So for those of you casino goers out there, what the allure? Is is the hope of winning or just the social aspect of being out somewhere? I'm just curious. In case you were wondering, a friend one time asked me "Why don't you gamble at the casino?" and I politely said "I don't believe in giving my money to a place that is set up to make me lose." She looked at me and said, "Makes sense...I never thought of it that way." Take care!
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