Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Get Beyond Your Current Situation?

This post isn't so much what I think, but more of a way to pick the brains of others. Currently I'm thinking about another career, but I'm feeling a little unsure about how to do that. The first question I'm having trouble answering is "What do you want to do?". Truth is, I'm not sure. To the question, "What can you do?" the answer is an easy one....anything. But, anything doesn't get you a job or to another place in life. You need to have a plan. I seem to be falling short on that end.

I'm currently teaching. I like it, but it's not something I can do too much longer. I'm in a broken system, that underpays, under appreciates and over expects from its employees. Sure I'm happy to be employed and I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but I would like to not have to worry about a paycheck to paycheck living. I'm not sure if I want to go the full-time route with something part-time on the side or if I want to ditch it all together and go to something else? All that I do know is that I would like to move on from my current position and go on to better things. I'm currently trying to find or take any suggestions that I can get as far as how to do that. The next thing I'm not sure about is whether to go back and get more training. After getting one college degree and seeing where I am now, I'm very hesitant to go back again for some other degree or certificate that may or not pay off in the end. It's a very confusing spot to be in. I've even thought about my own business, but I think the logistics of it sort of scares me away from the idea and once again....I'm not sure what that business would be. Wanting to change careers in this job market is a very abysmal place to be in. Employers are taking their time hiring, if they're hiring at all. I'm also looking at going back to a starting/entry-level salary by switching from education to most other fields. My microbiology degree seems to be just dwindling and becoming less and less meaningful as time goes on.

So what I bring to you, are questions. Have you ever switched careers? If so, how did you go about doing it? Was it the right move? What advice would you give to someone trying to switch? I also welcome any other advice you may be able to shed on the situation. Thanks and take care!

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