Thursday, January 28, 2010

Late night

Can't sleep. I know I should be. I definitely have work in the morning, but I'm not tired and I'm just thinking about some things.

1.) I really like these new google extensions on their chrome browser.
2.) I would really like to look into this public policy PhD a little more. I think I can do some good in that area.
3.) I'm feeling this iheartradio app. Q93 and FM 98 are bringing me back. I still think those are the best two radio stations ever. Q93 is still tops in my book.
4.) I would love to be a full-time, well-paid tech blogger where I could work from home and keep my finger on the pulse of mobile tech and gadgetry, I'll keep working towards that.
5.) I'm glad I cleaned the gutters today. We're supposed to have some bad rain on the way.
6.) I agree with Sakina, I'm done with winter.
7.) I hate going to the doctor. I'm never that sick.
8.) I'm completely stoked about getting married.
9.) Sometimes I wish I could use more of my talents, but I'll be patient and use them at the appropriate times.
10.) I love my family and friends. Yall are the best.
11.) The Saints finally made it to the super bowl.
12.) I like law and order but I secretly urge to be a dissident and militant/rebel. I'm not sure what that's all about.
13.) Kids will be kids.
14.) We need to start doing what's right and not what's popular.
15.) Deal with the root cause of the problem. Don't just put a band aid on it.
16.) There's never enough money. We'd be better off without it. It causes too many problems.
17.) Be kind to the Earth.
18.) Chance is an awesome dog.
19.) I love my g1.
20.) Feel free to add your own comments. I'm done for now. Take care.
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