Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back on the grind!!

Well good folks! Tomorrow puts me back into the real world. The world of schedules and deadlines and benchmarks and everything else school related. I've enjoyed a wonderful break and I feel that I have refocused as much as I could to get ready for this next semester. We plan on pushing the kids as much as we can in order to squeeze as much academic juice out of them as possible. This break has given me time to ground myself and escape from the roughness this school year has brought. I look forward to keeping myself going by focusing on the positive around me and trying to let the negative come and go without me missing a beat. I'm thankful for the new opportunity that I have been given to do some writing and reviewing for That gives me a chance to keep up with one of my favorite past times, mobile technology. As my mom said, I should be a part of the geek squad. Why not? Maybe, I'll put in an application soon. Who knows? It's about that time for me to start looking towards tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful night and a great week. Take care and for the record the Kardashian show sucks.
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