Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Video game reviews

Video game rating scale:

2 controllers - Must play
1 controller - rental
0 controllers - don't even watch the trailer

1.) Assassin's Creed 2 - If you played the first one, then you'll love this one. It takes place in Florence, Italy and takes you on an adventure with a new assassin. Ezio is the son of a nobleman who finds out who his dad really was only after his death. He is trained in the way of the assassins and has some pretty cool friends that help him along his way to avenge his father's death. Awesome game! 2 controllers on this one.

2.) Resident evil 5 - Fun addition the the Resident Evil line. I hate the fact that you can't move and shoot, but other than that it's pretty fun. Millions of zombies coming for you and you're equipped with a pistol and 10 bullets. LOL! Have fun. You can pick up more ammo and guns on the way, but it's definitely not a kill everyone on the screen game. Sometimes some good old fashion cardio (running) is in order. Online play is fun and I would suggest a bluetooth in order to communicate with your partner. Rent it first and see if you want to add it to your collection. 1 controller.

3.) Band hero - This game is addictive. It has a nice mix of modern and older songs. If you've played any of the guitar heroes or rock bands, you know how addictive this game is. This is awesome when you have at least another person around to challenge or to rock out with. You can play the bass, guitar, drums, or sing. You have options and they are all fun in their own right, but when played together it's awesome!!! 2 Controllers!

4.) Guitar hero 5 - See band hero review. Main difference is that it has more rock songs. 2 controllers.

5.) Guitar hero world tour - See band hero review. A variety of music and fun for all ages.

6.) Prince of Persia - I've had a blast with this game. you're the prince trying to save the world as always. The graphics are amazing and the game play is pretty good also. It gives you hours of fun. You're trying to help a princess restore "light" and order to her world. You cross each other as you're looking for your goat in the desert and from there it's all one big adventure. You won't be disappointed by this game if you enjoy single player games. It'll keep your interested.

Let me know if there are any other games you'd like to see. Til next time take care!!
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