Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie reviews!!!

Now to the fun stuff.

1.) Shutter Island - Well written, directed and acted psychological thriller. Scorcese was in rare form with this one and Leo DiCaprio gave a "Titanic" performance. It was about a federal marshal who goes to investigate an escape from an insane asylum but finds out he has more of a connection to the island than he originally expected. It's a good one! I give it 2 claps.

2.) Alice in Wonderland - It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Depp played a good hatter, but overall I wasn't that impressed. It basically picks up 13 years after Alice first went down the hole and they need her to come back. Alice has grown up and her world is a little different now. It was an interesting concept, but not that well executed. You'll be more entertained watching the Disney cartoon. I give it a clap. View at your own risk or wait for the DVD.

3.) Avatar - Visually stunning! The story line was one that had been done before and honestly if you have seen Ferngully you've seen this movie. This is one case where the effects were really the stars of the movie. It's very long and the 3D effects are awesome, but the 3D glasses will get annoying after about an hour. If you stick it out you will definitely enjoy the movie. I deem it a must see. 2 claps!!

4.) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - For all of my mythology fans, you'll like this modern twist on a great classic. Which classic is that you ask? Clash of the Titans!! (Which will be out April 2 - Expect a review). In this movie Percy (Perceus) is told who he truly is and what his missions are. He sets out with some friends to find who stole Zeus' lightning bolt. It's a well paced adventure and a fun story to follow. This gets 2 claps! Enjoy it. It's for young and not so young alike.

As I make my way to the theater over the break look for more reviews. Till then take care!
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