Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Family is the reason why we're here. We are born, navigate our way through life and eventually we pass on. This inevitable journey is rarely taken alone. We have reasons for being. Those reasons are the relationships we make, break and maintain. In this entry I'm going to use the word family to mean relationships that we keep. With that being established we should take a look at the family we have.

Many people love or loathe their families. Family can be a close network of friends with common interest or those people tied to you by blood that you can't escape if you wanted to or you may be one of the fortunate few with that idealic mix of the two. I feel that I've been blessed with just that. I'll talk about me later but for now we'll stick to the overall view.

When you are born into a family you expect/deserve certain things but that's not always the case. Some natural families let their own fall by the wayside. Whether it's from a lack of concern or from a lack of ability sometimes family can't or won't provide what's needed. This is too true for a lot of people. In these cases family must be sought out.

Everybody needs somebody sometime....That song is on point. The people that you go to or call on can be seen as your family and whether you have the same blood in your veins is irrelevant. What is important is that those are the people you can call on and count on. I'll use my family as an example. I can honestly say that my family has shaped my life and helped me become the person I am today. Fortunately, I've been blessed with awesome parents, a great sister and an extended family like no other. We are there for one another, we support one another and they've all helped to shape my life. I am thankful everyday for the family and upbringing that I've had and I wish the same for others. I know that everyone isn't in the same situation, but I would like to believe that even if a blood family isn't available, I would urge people to take the time to be that family to someone and in turn you will broaden your own family.

These words may reach you in a time of plenty, but just let them ring even louder in the times of darkness and despair. Those dark times are the times when we need someone the most. So, if you have that system set up already, thank them. If you don't, try to find one and to my own support and family I'd like to say "I love you" and "Thank you!" Take care everyone and feel free to leave a comment or suggestions for future blog post. Take care!!
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