Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some of you that know me know that I like to follow politics as best I can understand. I was listening to the radio today and there were a few reports that really struck me. One was on the economy and the other was on the whether or not President Obama was really helping out black people in America. (Note: this post may be a little more racially and politically charged than usual so if you think it may be too much for you please feel free to stop reading now.)

First, I've heard numerous news outlets talking about how the economy is bouncing back and recoveries are starting to happen, but I think a larger problem is looming. We have banks that were "too big to fail", but now they're even bigger and even less likely to lend to common people. That's one issue, that's honestly outside of my understanding but I thought it was noteworthy. The real issue I want to talk about is the job market. With tens of thousands of people laid off every couple of weeks so it seems, I wonder why people think that all of the "new poor" - people who were middle class, but got laid off and have been out of work for 9-12 months - will be able to find new jobs? What I mean by this is that companies today are only after one thing, profit. So my question is why would they hire on new workers if they are still turning the same or possibly more profit with a reduced staff? It doesn't seem likely that they will try to hire droves of people just because the economy is turning around. Does it seem likely to you? I don't really see it happening and unfortunately good people were laid off, will get laid off and fewer and fewer people will get hired. That would be my prediction and Lord knows I hope I'm wrong, but my logical mind tells me that these companies will keep making money, people will keep losing jobs and the gap between poor and rich will continue to grow and the middle class will continue to shrink and become less and less important in this society. It's not looking good but I hope that things become more idealic like the world that was promised to us in campaigns and commercials, but maybe I'm hopelessly hoping for a world that is far gone, or never existed at all. Until people care for other people, issues like this will more than likely remain an issue and have less of a chance of ever being resolved. I'll finish this post in a second part. Take care.
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