Friday, March 4, 2011

Jobs and jobless numbers

Why don't we actually see the 2 go hand in hand? The jobless rate is going down, but it's still hard for folks to find employment. I know people with advanced degrees and they aren't getting picked up for the job force. I know people that have been sending out resumes for months and not even a call back or they hear the best line ever "We love your talents, but right now we don't have the budget for it.". When are we going to see the local turn around in the economy? I listened to a report yesterday that talked about the uptick in productivity among American workers and the profits that businesses are seeing from that productivity. That is a bad sign for the people looking for work. The businesses still don't have the incentive to hire. So my take on the downturn of jobless claims is that people are simply not filing for unemployment or they're already out of unemployment benefits. Just like the price of gas spiking when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, when the two have little to do with each other. Society has built itself up on a culture of fear and has allowed all of us to fall in line and take what's being dished out. It's a sad time. I'll end this on a good note. For those of you that are still out there looking for work, I'm rooting for you and if it brings any consolation...the numbers are looking better. As always, feel free to comment. Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!
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