Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's getting heavy

Days after writing a post about education cuts in the state, I now see pockets of deep educational regress and distress around the country. The most notable is in Wisconsin. The teachers are about to have sick outs. The governor is about to cut off unions all together and it looks like states across the nation are watching this play out ready to pounce at their chance to do the same. My problem with all of this is that the real issue at hand constantly gets lost in the shuffle. Why aren't the kids learning. Some say because of teacher tenure,some point the finger at unions,some say it's laziness. Whichever camp you're in the fact remains we need to fix education.

I think the current system is in shambles and needs to be reconstructed, not reformed. We should allow students to leave high school with marketable skills that they can use that will give them skills to get work experience as well as career guidance. Schools nowadays are setup identically to the system we had during World War 1. Are we still living in a ww1 society? Last time I checked I would have to say no. So why shouldn't our education system advance?  In order to do this we need to realize primary and secondary education is the foundation of our society. Second we need to realize if we want a society that can fix and avoid future problems it must have an educated populous. Finally, we need to stop politicizing education. It shouldn't be something that someone runs on. It should be something that we all look to in order to better ourselves and in turn our society. As I've stated before this situation will get worse before it gets better. It's up to us to fix it.

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