Sunday, February 13, 2011

CR48 better than a tablet

I just received a CR 48 notebook from Google a few days ago and I must say I’m quite impressed with this little machine. The more I use it the more useful it becomes. It is quite handy for normal Internet use, streaming music, listening to podcast, and doing a host of other normal laptop functions. Granted, it does have it’s limitations, but I would think the actual production models would have those issues worked out. With that being said I think depending on the price point you would be better served getting one of these more so than a tablet. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree and they have bought all in to the tablet culture, but why spend upwards of $600 or more on something with very limited functionality other than for the novelty of it. Either way you’re spending money on something that can’t do everything you want it to do. Where let’s say these “internet books” come out at the $150 price point. You would not only be able to get your media content, you could actually use it to get something done. It has a very usable keyboard, wi-fi and 3g connectivity, light and portable, webcam and mic, and awesome battery life to boot. If Google can get the bugs worked out I think these netbook alternatives could really cut into tablet sales. I’d buy one....wait....I already have one. What say you?
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