Monday, October 18, 2010

Why you need science

     First of all, I'm typing this from a hospital been on my phone. I love technology. Now on with my story. I want to write this mainly for my students but also for anyone who sat in science class and wondered "Why do I need to know this?" Here's a perfect example.

   Yesterday I went out to eat some sushi and catch a movie after a long day of ripping and running around. After the movie I got home and felt a little backed up. I figured it was just gas so I took some alka seltzer and figured it would be better in the morning. When I woke up my side was still hurting which I thought was weird since I had used the rest room a few times since it first started hurting. Here comes the science. At that point I realized it could be something else. So I started going through possibilities in my mind. I reasoned out that it wasn't gas, it wasn't a muscle cramp so it must be something else. Knowing the symptoms of appendicitis saved me from what could've been a truly horrible experience. I took some time and looked up appendicitis symptoms and tried to factor out any other possibilities. I used the scientific method in order to know what was wrong with me. Once I got to the emergency room I was able to tell them what I thought was wrong and after they ran their test they found that I was correct in my assessment of the situation. So kids learn how to think critically and use the science that's taught to you. Not just to pass a test, but to make your world and your life that much better.

     Thanks for your time and I'll update you after the surgery.   
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