Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Droid x

For those of you that know me, I'm sort of a phone geek. Well today the Droid X (Verizon's newest android phone) was being released in Dallas. It wasn't just a normal release it was like the intersection between fanaticism, nerdiness, obsession, and geocaching all wrapped up into a hot summer Texas day. I told myself a few days ago if this challenge came to Dallas I would try it and by golly that's what happened. Let's get to the day's events.

I got up about 9:30 this morning, checked my twitter feed and they were telling Dallas that today was the day. So I hopped the downtown train and off I went. I made it to the grassy knoll and waited. Hadn't seen an actual clue since the night before so I walked around checking in the bushes and on and under benches and such just trying to get an edge. As I searched, I noticed others doing the same but I didn't say anything. At this point I was feverishly refreshing Touiteur (Twitter client for Android - free and paid version in the market). After a couple of hours I decided to just sit and wait for the @droidlanding update. While sitting there I met Aaron (@devdroidian) and Ben, also fellow droids and we started chatting it up about where it could be and sharing android stories. Two really awesome guys. We hung out and checked the Old Red museum-nothing there, the grassy knoll - nothing there, so we started just walking around. On our way back towards Dealy plaza Aaron gets the coordinates for the phone so we fire up Google navigation and it leads us to Sonny Bryan's bbq restaurant where there are people with video cameras and no one saying anything. As we're heading there we see the mob of people and we all converge on the restaurant. We're looking in and on and around everything. Eventually someone finds the card with the eye on it and just like that it was over. I would like to say congrats to the guy who won and "Thanks!" to the android community for being so frikkin' awesome.

All being said and done it was a fun day. I enjoyed snooping around downtown Dallas for the Droid x and look forward to meeting more android enthusiast. Now I'd like to leave you with a few last thoughts and a couple of vids. First, if you haven't tried android you should. It's on all 4 carriers and the community is awesome. Second, the big android bar bq is in Austin in October (). Third, if you're a mobile phone enthusiast check out (a site some friends and I are working on to connect DFW mobile enthusiast).Finally, enjoy the vids and be sure to leave some comments. Take care!!

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