Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 8

Today we went to Coleraine Academic Institution. It's an all boys school in Coleraine, Ireland. It is a facility over 150 years old and a fine academic institution. We got a chance to meet some of the students and take a tour of the school. The girls loved it since it was an all boy school. The guys enjoyed talking to the guys at the school also. The vice principal was a nice guy and very knowledgeable. Now we're on the way to the causeway and the rope bridge. We also brought the sunshine with us so let's hope the day continues like this.

We've made it to the Giant's Causeway (built by Finn McCool)  and we're going to walk along the coast to an old rope bridge across some of Ireland's most beautiful scenery. The kids are in high gear right now and it's good to see them enjoying themselves. I would consider this day a home run.

We made it to and from the rope bridge. Today we definitely got our workouts in. We walked up and down a cliff face and to the end of Ireland. On the way now to the hotel to eat and then get ready for a lesson tonight about the Irish conflict. Oh oh oh....our new bus driver's name is Shamus and he looks like a wee leprechaun :).  Cheers!

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